Overview of Finance Reports

Keep your business’s financial information on your fingertips with Avaza’s Financial Reports. Our reports allow you to review overall profitability for your business, view revenue, customer balances and much more. This guide summarizes all of our Financial Reports, found under Reports > Finance.

Finance Reports can only be accessed by Admin users and Invoice Managers.

1. Transactions by Month

See estimates, sales invoices, payments and credit notes by month for the entered year. Configure the months based on your own requirements. For example choose year ending as June to see the data from July – June for a given year. Drill to view transaction level details. Read full guide.

2. Transaction List View

View Invoices, Payments, Credit Notes for your business. Group and filter by many fields including Customer, Transaction Type and more. Drill to see the full details of the transaction. Read full guide.

3. Transaction Item List

View Invoice & Credit Note line items for your business. Group by many fields including Inventory Item, Project, Tax and more. Answer questions like total amount invoiced for a project, total revenue per product or service, total credit issued for a particular product or service etc. Read full guide.

4. Customer Dashboard

360 view of key financial information for a customer. Includes estimates, invoices, payments, credit notes, projects, timesheets, expenses and fixed amount. Drill to see details with a single click. Read full guide.

5. Sales by Customer

Total sales of each customer in customer’s currency. If required you can optionally filter by date range. Read full guide.

6. Customer Statement

Run this report for a particular customer to get full account of transactions in date order. Quite handy to keep your customer up to date regarding their financials. Read full guide.

7. Invoice Aging

Get an understanding of how much your customers owe you by time bucked across the entire account. Click the customer name to drill to transaction level details quickly. Read full guide.

8. Invoice Aging Details

View detailed sales invoices by customer that are outstanding across the entire account. Click the invoice number to open the invoice details and send customer payment reminder. Read full guide.

9. Revenue by Month

See monthly revenue trend across the entered calendar year in a bar graph and table. The revenue is broken down by customer for each month of the year. Read full guide.

10. Inventory Item Summary

View total quantity, cost and sales for each inventory item. Filter the report by date range, inventory items, customer and more. Drill down for invoice line item level details.

11. Profit & Loss

Measure your business health. This report shows Gross and Net profit (or loss) based on income & expenses for a specified period of time. Report the revenue based on invoice date (accrual accounting) or payment date (cash accounting). Read full guide.

12. Tax Summary

Summary of total taxes collected and paid grouped by tax code for the nominated period. Report the tax based on invoice date (accrual accounting) or payment date (cash accounting). Read full guide.

13. Uninvoiced Items

List of billable time entries, expenses and fixed amounts that are not yet invoiced. The report can be filtered based on date range and customers. Drill to to the details by clicking the customer name. Read full guide.

14. Estimate List

List of estimates grouped by estimate status for one or more customers. Filter the report by Customer, Date Range and Estimate Status. Click the estimate number to quickly open the estimate details. Read full guide.

Need any further help with our Finance reports? Please contact our support team via chat or mail.