Estimate List Report

Quickly view all Quotes/Estimates with the Estimate List Report. This report can be filtered and customized as needed.

Estimate List Report

Figure: Estimate List Report

A few reasons to use this report:

  • See a list of Estimates across your account and review their status.
  • Report on Estimates that have not been converted into Invoices

Report Display

The Estimate List report displays a list of Estimates based on selected filters.

estimate list report

Figure: Estimate List Report Displays Subtotals by Currency and Status

The report display is grouped by Currency, Status and finally Customer. We display sub-totals for Currency and Status groupings.

The report displays columns for:

  • Currency
  • Status
  • Customer
  • Estimate Number: You can click on each Estimate Number to open the Estimate itself.
  • Issue Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Subject
  • Amount

Report Parameters

You can filter the Estimate List report based on a few parameters.

Customers: Select the customer(s) you want to run the report for. You can select one or more customers as needed.

Start Date – End Date: Filter the estimate list based on the Estimate Issue Date.

Estimate Status: Filter the report based on Estimate Status. Options include Draft, Accepted, Sent, Converted, Expired and Rejected.

Do you need further help with the Estimate List report? Feel free to contact our support team via chat, or email.