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Revenue by Month Report

The “Revenue by Month” report uses sales invoice, credit note & payment data to generate a month-over-month revenue report for the entire account in the account currency. Use this report to track financial progress for an entire calendar year on one page and compare against monthly or quarterly revenue goals. This report also gives you the flexibility to use either the accrual or cash method to report results.

Figure: Revenue by Month Report

A few reasons to use this report:

  • Track revenue trends for an entire calendar year, broken down by month. Save & share the report with management.
  • Track month-over-month revenue (gross or net) derived from each client for an entire calendar year. Unique to this report, you can use either accrual or cash method to calculate results.
  • Schedule a revenue report that gets delivered to your email inbox every quarter.

Report Parameters

While this report runs by default for the current calendar year, you can enter a custom year as well.

Calendar Year: Enter a calendar year to run the report for.

Revenue Type: Select whether the report should calculate Gross Revenue or Net Revenue.

  • Gross Revenue = Total Invoiced Amount
  • Net Revenue = Total Invoiced Amount – Total Credit Notes Amount

Revenue Method: Select the desired revenue calculation method. Options are:


When this option is selected, the report factors in all invoices that have an Issue Date in the selected year, regardless of the invoices being paid or not. This is also known as the accrual method of revenue calculation.

The amounts reported are exclusive of taxes.

Cash Collected

When this option is selected, the report looks at “Payment Date” of all payments applied to one or more invoices instead of the “Invoice Issue Date”.

The amounts reported are the payments applied to invoices excluding taxes.


  • This report does not factor in Invoices that are in “Draft” or “Void” status.
  • This report shows all amounts in your account currency. This means that amounts from invoices recorded in a currency different than the account currency will be converted to the account currency for reporting purposes. Learn more about how multiple currencies work in Avaza here.
Updated on January 21, 2023

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