Using Avaza Reports

Avaza Reports use data from your projects, tasks, resource schedules, expenses, timesheets, invoices, and estimates. With over 30+ reports and export files to choose from, our Reports module allows you to analyze business data easily and reliably.

Report access is restricted based on the roles assigned to each user. Administrators can access all reports whereas Timesheet / Expense user can only run reports for their own time and expenses.

The Reports section is split into:

Limited-access reports are also available for Project Collaborators, Timesheet/Expense Users and Scheduling Users.

All our Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF, or printed for your own use. Avaza Reports can also be saved and shared with your team as well as scheduled for email delivery.

Using Avaza Reports

Figure: Sample Report with Report Filters and Navigation Bar

Some of the reports have clickable links to access the relevant page in the application so you can review the data in detail, for example, Click specific timesheet entries to edit details if required.

Do you have any questions about Avaza Reports? Please contact our support team via chat or email.

Updated on January 21, 2023

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