Overview of Expense Reports

Avaza Expense reports provide a real-time overview of business expenses. You can generate all kinds of reports and expenses can also be exported to an accounting platform. Easily manage what money is being spent on, and create detailed reports in a few moments. You can actually see where the money is going and manage expenses better. This guide summarizes all of our Expense Reports, found under Reports > Expense Reports.

Expense Reports can be accessed by Admin users and Invoice Managers. My Expense Details is available for Timesheet/Expense users.

Expense Details

Slice and dice your expenses as you like. Group expenses by Category, User, Customer, Project and more. Filter expenses by any field possible. Click through to quickly open the expense details. Your one stop shop for expense reporting. Read full guide.

Expense Receipts

View your company expenses and receipts side by side visually. Really handy report if your customer wants to see a record of expenses incurred on their projects. Filter the report by customer, project, user, invoice number and more. Read full guide.

My Expense Details

Expense users can quickly run this report to get a list of their own expenses. It is useful if you need to export your expenses for an internal process or attach them as supporting document. Read full guide.

Expense by Customer

Graphical representation of expenses incurred for each customer. Quickly identify the total count of expenses, users, categories and amount incurred on behalf of each customer. Drill to expense details for any particular customer. Read full guide.

Expenses by Category

Visual representation of the summary of expenses by category in your account’s base currency. Drill to expense details for any particular category. Read full guide.

Expenses by Employee

Visual representation of the summary of expenses by employee. Drill to expense details for any particular employee. Read full guide.

Do you have any question about Avaza Expense Reports? Please contact our support team via chat or email.