How do I Edit a Locked Expense?

Expenses that have been approved can be locked from further editing in Avaza via account settings. We also automatically lock all expenses that have been added to an Invoice.

To find out which of the above two reasons are preventing an Expense from being edited, simply hover your mouse over the Edit button in the Expense page.

Figure: An Approved & Locked Expense

Editing an Approved & Locked Expense

If you use Avaza’s Expense Approvals feature, you may have previously selected to lock approved Expenses from being edited.

To edit an Expense that is approved and locked, you will first need to disable the locking of approved Expenses. To do this, users with the Administrator or Invoicing Manager role can head over to Settings > Expense Settings

Figure: Accessing Expense Settings

In the Expense Settings page, turn off the Lock Approved Expenses option.

Figure: Turn off Lock Approved Expenses

Now you can go back and make the desired changes to Approved expenses.

Note: Turning this option off applies to all users in the account, immediately allowing them to edit any of their Expenses that were previously approved and locked from editing. If your company usually locks approved Expenses from editing, and you only need to edit certain Expenses, please consider turning this option back on once you’ve made the desired changes to said Expenses.


Editing an Invoiced & Locked Expense

Figure: An Invoiced & Locked Expense

“Invoiced” means that the Expense has been added to an Invoice for billing the client. Expenses that are invoiced cannot be edited unless you remove them from the Invoice they were added to first.