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How do I Add Project Categories?

Project Categories allow you to organize your projects and visually differentiate between assignments on the Team Schedule page using color codes.

Admin users can head over to Settings > Project Management Settings to set these up.

Figure: Access Project Management Settings

Next, scroll down to find the Project Categories section.

Figure: Project Categories Section

To add a new Project Category, click the Add Category button and select a name and color for the category. Click Save when finished.

Figure: Add a New Category and Assign a Color

Once you have created the desired categories, you can start assigning them to Projects from the Project Settings page.

Figure: Access Project Settings

Figure: Select Project Category (Project Settings)

This is how Project Categories, using their respective color codes, allow you to visually differentiate between assignments in the Resource Scheduling page:

Figure: Team Schedule Page

Updated on January 21, 2023

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