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What Email Templates Are Available?

There are default email templates available for your convenience. You can see these under Settings > Email Templates.

Figure: Click Settings > Email Templates for All Templates

The default templates preset in your account are titled

  • Invoice Auto Reminder 1
  • Invoice Auto Reminder 2
  • Invoice Auto Reminder 3
  • Invoice Auto Reminder 4
  • Invoice Auto Reminder 5
  • Payment Received Notification
  • Send Estimate
  • Send Estimate Reminder
  • Send Invoice
  • Send Invoice Reminder
  • Send Thank You Note for Payment

Figure: List of All Email Templates Available

By clicking on each template, you can edit it for your business needs.

Figure: Click on Email Template to Edit as Needed

The available account placeholders for each template are listed under the template itself, so feel free to edit as required

Updated on November 24, 2023

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