What Are Different Formats I Can Enter Time In?

Avaza allows you to enter time in different formats for your convenience. Here are all the formats you can enter time in.

To enter time in hours and minutes, use a colon to separate them. Here are examples for entering time in hours and minutes:

  • 2:50 – Two hours and fifty minutes
  • 10:5 – Ten hours and five minutes
  • :35 – Thirty-five minutes

If you prefer entering time in fractions of hours, then use a decimal to separate hours and minutes. Here are the examples:

  • 3.5 – Three hours and thirty minutes
  • 4.75 – Four hours and forty-five minutes
  • .5 – Thirty minutes
  • 7 – Seven hours

You can also change how the time is displayed by going to Settings > TImesheet Settings > and selecting the preferred format under “Timesheet Display Format”.

different formatsFigure: Change Timesheet Display Format via Timesheet Settings 

Read our Getting Started with Timesheets guide for more information about tracking time with Avaza.