How does Avaza Convert Transactions in Customer Currency into the Account Currency?

Each customer you create in Avaza can have a currency associated with them that may be different from your account (base) currency.

When creating an Estimate, Invoice or Credit Note, you can both view and update the exchange rate being applied.

Customer Currency

Figure: View and Edit Exchange Rate when creating an Invoice, Estimate or Credit Note

In reports, we allow you to view transactional (invoices, credit notes, estimates, payments) in account or customer currency. Here is how we convert customer currency transactions into account currency.

Account Currency: USD

Customer Currency: AUD

Invoice Amount: $120 AUD

Exchange rate: 1 USD = 1.40885 AUD

The formula for conversion = Invoice amount / Exchange Rate

For example, in this case, 120 AUD / 1.40885

Invoice amount in account currency: $85.18 USD

Do you have any other questions about exchange rates? Please contact our support team via chat or email.