Does Avaza Support Internal Projects & Can I Track Time and Expenses on Them?

Some projects are only meant for internal company use. Additionally, you may have Internal Projects that do not need to be billed to a client but you want to keep track time and expenses. Here’s how you can do this with Avaza.

Create an Internal Company

To track time and expenses for internal projects, you first need to create an Internal Company.

To create an Internal Company, you will need to enter a dummy Customer Contact (you can make one up). The email address associated with this Customer Contact cannot be an existing email address for someone in your business, as we do not allow the same email address to be used twice.

Create Internal Projects

Once you have created an Internal company, you can assign Internal Projects to it.

Set the ‘Billing Method’ for the project to “Not Billable’. This way the timesheets (on billable or non-billable categories)¬† will not be added to an invoice. This option can be used instead of¬†changing the Billable flag on timesheet categories.

When tracking expenses, do not check the “Billable to Customer” checkbox. This way you can create an expense allocated to a project that is not Billable.