Are Edits to Invoice and Quotes / Estimates templates applied to existing Invoices and Estimates?

An existing Invoice/Quote Template can be changed at any time, and Invoices/Estimates that use that template will be automatically updated (Web-View only). However, we do not pass edits made to the Notes field to existing Invoices/ Estimates.

Invoice/Estimate templates can be edited by going to Settings > Invoice Settings > Invoice & Quote/Estimate Templates. You can quickly edit a template on an existing Invoice/Estimate by using the Edit option in the page header.

Estimates templatesFigure: You can update Invoice/Estimate Templates by opening an Existing Invoice/Estimate

All new Invoices/Estimates will use the updated Invoice/Estimate template.

To learn more about Invoices and Estimates, read our Getting Started with Invoices and Getting Started with Estimates guides.