Using Paypal

Have customers pay you faster by enabling online payments using PayPal as a payment option. PayPal lets your customers pay you securely in just a few clicks and is available for more than 26 currencies worldwide.

Please note PayPal charges processing fees. See for further details.

How do you configure PayPal?

To add PayPal as a payment option, navigate to Settings > Online Payments.

Figure: Select Online Payments from Settings

Click on the “Add” button on the Online Payments page.

Figure: Select Paypal from Add Drop-Down

Enter the PayPal email address you would like to use, and check the boxes to “enable” the payment option and “add to all Invoice Templates”.

Accelerated Onboarding Available: If desired, you can use an email address that does not have an existing PayPal account. PayPal will email you with instructions on setting up a PayPal account after the first payment is received. We recommend setting up a PayPal account directly on the PayPal site to ensure you meet all PayPal’s requirements for opening an account.

Figure: Link Payment Account from Pop-up

Click “Save”.

How do you enable PayPal for Invoice Templates?

You can selectively enable/disable PayPal on your invoice templates.

Go to Settings > Invoice Settings. Scroll down the page until you see the “Invoice/Estimates Templates” section. Click on the Invoice Template you would like to enable PayPal payments for.

Figure: Choose Invoice Template to Enable Paypal For

Toggle the button to enable PayPal:

Figure: Toggle Button to Enable Paypal

Client Payment experience using PayPal

Your clients can pay you online using the Pay Now button on web-view of the invoice.

Figure: Clients Click on Pay Now Button to Pay Via Web-View of Invoice

Clicking this option will take your client to the PayPal payment processing pop-up. When they click “Pay Now”, they will be redirected to PayPal where they can make the payment using their card or PayPal account.

Note: They will only see Paypal as a payment option if the invoice is in a currency supported by Paypal. Here is a link to view supported currencies.

Figure: Clients are Redirected to Paypal Payment Screen upon Clicking ‘Pay Now’

They will be prompted to enter their PayPal login and password.

Figure: Clients can Log-In Using Their Paypal Login

Once they have logged in they can click the “Pay Now” option to make the payment.

Figure: Client will Click on Pay Now Button to Make Payment

After the payment has been made, the Invoice status will be updated to “Paid” and a payment record with a PayPal reference number is automatically created.

Figure: Invoice will be Marked as Paid

PayPal Automatic Signup (Australia Only)

When signing up for a new Avaza account, you can choose to have your PayPal payment provider settings automatically configured for you. If you already have a PayPal account with a different email address from the one used for your Avaza account, you can update it here.

If you don’t have a PayPal Account set up for your email address, PayPal will email you to set one up after receiving your first payment.

Using PaypalFigure: Australian Users can Automatically Signup for Paypal Account

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Updated on January 21, 2023

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